Central Institute of Himalayan Culture Studies (CIHCS) is established with the mandate of undertaking undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral programmes in Buddhist and Himalayan Studies with the methods of modern research methodology and advanced up-to-date technology. It is a specialized podium for stimulating higher learning in Buddhist/Himalayan culture studies which emphasise the inherent philosophy of non-violence, altruism, universal peace and fraternity with modern higher education. Within the arena of present cultural anarchy and modernization, the intellectual world has been engaged with competitive ideology and material profit of market capitalism. In consequence of fulfilling the sophisticated goal of creating specified human potentialities, it seems that the present world and the professed intellectuals are thoroughly confined within the narrow boundaries of self-centered competitiveness and egocentrism which, in turn, have curtained the precious values of intellect and compassion as well. Having the grand vision of promoting creative genius along with promising new generations loaded with critical awareness towards the mentioned values, I hope that the Institute will play a significant role in the greater process of nation building through national integration and in enhancing individualism in positive ways. The Institute is expected to produce such products which will be always ready to think about responsibility before rights, nation before the community, other before the self. Our achievement in the long run will exclusively depend on all those stimulated worthy products having the capability to think and work altruistically for the betterment of the society and cultural milieus in both the local and global platforms with the goal of reinstating universal order and stability.